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Sustainability at CPEC

At CPEC, we aim to give a second life to our equipment. We embrace sustainability as a fundamental commitment offering refurbished and second-hand equipment, thus creating a positive impact on the environment and our community.

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Why we care?

CPEC's Commitment to Sustainability

  • Extending product life: We prioritize giving a second life to our durable tools, reducing waste and championing a circular economy.
  • Accessible sustainable technology: Our goal is to make our sustainable tools readily available globally, facilitating a wider impact on environmental conservation.
  • Quality refurbishment with expertise: We ensure our tools undergo top-quality refurbishment and repairs, backed by our professional warranty, saving resources, and extending service life tool.
  • Resource efficiency: We aim for a resource-efficient operation, empowering customers to make eco-friendly choices, and driving business success that aligns with environmental preservation.
  • Environmental and social responsibility: Our commitment goes beyond business; it’s about fostering a positive environmental and societal impact through every tool we provide.

What are sustainability benefits of our services?

Embracing Circular Economy Principles at CPEC

By working with us, our customers have a lower environmental footprint by choosing refurbished, second hand products while ensuring the higher quality and safety standards. In our operation at CPEC, we are driven to leverage circular economy principles: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle:


By offering refurbish equiment and reusing most of the components in refurbisment, we reduce the need for brand new products and components.

By reducing this need and giving a second life to these elements, we reduce material requirement in line with reduction of carbon emission linked to materials, transportation and manufacturing.

Last year we have served globally to our customers to have an access to our technology equipments in more than 120 countries through refurbish second hand product sales.


When we receive equipments, we assess the condition of equipment as a whole and the components, accessories.

In majority of the cases we reuse the components, accessories and equipment as a unit however to achieve high quality and performance we have to renew some components if necessary.

Last year we have reused 90% of the instrument containers all electronical spare parts recycled and reintroduced the 95% of the instruments to emerge markets.

If the part, accessories do not meet our quality and safety standards, we recycle them. Batteries are recycled always due to safety requirements.


Highlighting our commitment to sustainability, last year we successfully recycled 8,6 tonnes of materials, demonstrating our dedication to reducing waste and promoting environmental stewardship.

  • 300 kg of batteries have been recycled to avoid landfil risks.
  • 450 kg of electronic and metals have been recycled into industrial cycles.
  • 6200 kg of renewable materials have been recycled such as cardboard, papers and cartoons.

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