GS25 Professional GNSS

7,990.00 + TAX


AS10, Triple Frequency GNSS Antenna

What's in the box?
  • 2 x GEV141 Antenna cable 1.2m
  • GVP723 GNSS Base Container
  • GDF312 Tribrach with optical plummet
  • GRT146 Carrier with 5/8 inch screw
  • Height hook, standard
  • GEB242 Battery int. Li-Ion 14.8V/5.8Ah
  • GKL311 single Charger Prof 3000
  • GEV192 AC/DC-Adapter GKL112/311 EU
  • GAT1, Gainflex UHF antenna 400-435Mhz
  • SLR5-1,Sat.M3-TR1,RX/TX,f.GS25/GR25/GR10
  • Arm 15cm, GPS antenna/Gainflex antenna


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