Certified Pre-Owned Equipment Service Centre


Technical service is key at the Leica Geosystems CPEC and our dedicated, experienced team are fundamental in restoring and updating all equipment instrumentation before delivery to our customers. Our technicians examine, repair and clean every instrument to a remarkably high standard and issue Leica Geosystems quality and warranty certificates once the reconditioned work procedure is finished.

Our team of qualified technicians are trained in Heerbrugg, Switzerland to provide the most comprehensive technical service and support possible on each Leica Geosystems instrument.

Our facilities are protected with ESD protection consisting of an earthed conductive floor, table tops and tools. Admission is restricted to people wearing ESD clothes and shoes.

Our authorized technical service is routinely audited to ensure work and task methodology adheres to all relevant regulations.

Once the equipment arrives at our facilities, it is reconditioned following the Leica Geosystems Repair Process: the surveying tool is externally and internally reviewed, circle and focus system are cleaned and greased and the distance meter adjusted. Firmware and software are always updated to the latest released version and if we need to replace any component this will be Leica Geosystems branded. This ensures your certified pre-owned instrument will have a Leica Geosystems Blue Certificate issued.

Any total station, GPS, HDS, level or laser you acquire from the Leica Geosystems CPEC is guaranteed by our official technical service team who have tested and prepared your equipment to be reused and ensure superior performance.



New accessories

New accessories

Last Software & Firmware

Last software & firmware

Original Blue certificate

Original Blue Certificate