Meet Patricio Barreiro

Meet our Team | Patricio Barreiro

Meet Patricio, a member of the CPEC operations team! Patricio joined CPEC in February 2023 and since then he has been a key player in the order management process and supporting the warehouse team.

As the person in charge of entering all orders into the SAP system, his job is crucial to ensure that the equipment leaves the warehouse with the correct documentation and within the established deadlines.

Before joining CPEC, Patricio used administration and finance, and gained experience at Bosch company, where he was dedicated to providing automotive digital services technical support for 3 years. This valuable experience has allowed him to develop strong skills in operations management and attention to detail, making him an invaluable asset to the CPEC team.

But not everything is work for Patricio. When he has free time, he is passionate about sports. He is a fan of soccer, paddle tennis and going for a run.

In his role at CPEC, Patricio also collaborates conditionally with his teammates, Marti i Aleix, to ensure that all orders are processed efficiently and meet established quality standards.

In summary, Patricio is a valued and dedicated member of the CPEC operations team. We are excited to have him on our team and look forward to even more success in his CPEC career!



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