Meet our Team | Juana Depablo

Juana is in charge of the maintenance of the equipment, and the cases, within the technical service.

She is in charge of cleaning and restoring the cases and parts that arrive at the warehouse. She guarantees that these look in mint condition, and can be sold like new equipment.

She has always been working in closed spaces. Before being at CPEC, she was working at the CAP in customer service, scheduling visits. She also spent many years in a travel agency scheduling visits for commercials.

Juana has always liked to practice crochet, in winter she never lacks her new handmade scarf. She is also a lover of reading, and on weekends she likes to go for a walk with her friends.

Juana is joy personified. She is an open, cheerful, empathetic person, a very good friend, and she loves helping others.



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New accessories

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Last software & firmware

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Original Blue Certificate