Meet our Team | Agustín López

Agustín is the CPEC Barcelona Manager. He started the CPEC project in December 2014.

Given his extensive and international commercial experience, the company thought that he was the ideal candidate to launch this new project.

For this reason, he began working to launch the initial project called the Used Equipment Center (UEC) in December 2014.

As a consequence of all this, he has had to do a bit of everything, but his fundamental task has always been the proper management of the resources that Hexagon Geosystems has placed in his hands to carry out this interesting adventure.

Agustín’s career has not been exactly short. He has more than 35 years of commercial experience in different companies but always related to technology for the world of construction. He has had the opportunity to work for large corporations such as Hilti, Topcon and Leica Geosystems, where he has been with for more than 17 years.

Apart from work, Agustín is also a sports lover, he loves running! He sums up his hobby in a very original way: “Rock & Run”, although he also likes to do quieter activities. He never refuses a good book or movie!

Agustín is considered by his friends as a somewhat serious, reliable and a bit stubborn person! (Due to the influence of a lifetime of accumulated experience).



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