How to choose the right DISTO?

What is the best laser measurement device? The one that responds to your needs and meets your expectations.

And how can you choose the most suitable laser rangefinder for you?

Use our product selection guide for guidance.

We invented the Leica DISTO in 1993. We make the most accurate and advanced laser measurers in the world, and we work tirelessly on the technology to keep improving it. It’s not bullshit, it’s the honest truth. Ask a Leica DISTO user (“but don’t just take my word for it…”) why they chose the Leica DISTO, and we’re sure they’ll confirm it.

We currently manufacture eight different DISTO models. They range from the simple three-button E7100i to the vastly advanced AutoCAD-compatible S910. Each DISTO has unique characteristics that make it ideal for one job or another. However, we recognize that it is not always easy to know which DISTO best suits your needs.

To complicate matters further, there are now many different manufacturers of laser rangefinders. If there’s one thing that makes us sleepy, it’s knowing that there are laser rangefinder manufacturers out there who produce measurement tools that don’t meet the ISO 16331-1 standard for laser distance meter accuracy and range. You can hit or not. Unfortunately, people who buy these models sometimes lose faith in the technology and revert to the old inefficient workflows they were trying to eliminate when they initially purchased the laser measurement tool.

To help you choose the right DISTO and also show you the main features that make DISTOs different from other laser rangefinders, we have created a product selector. The product selector asks several general questions and includes videos that demonstrate the features related to a given question. This tool will help you quickly narrow the decision down to one or two models.

We just ask that you do your homework when shopping for a laser rangefinder. We think the internet will back up our claims. If you search around for more information, you’ll find that a Leica DISTO shoots farther and more accurately, lasts longer, and has more useful features than any other laser measuring device on the market.

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