Why used equipment?

Why choosing used surveying equipment?

It is clear that the acquisition of used products is a rising trend, but what advantages does offer buying reconditioned surveying equipment?

  1. Cost-effective products. Without a doubt, it is the most remarkable benefit of this type of operations. It allows you to save and obtain the same results than a new surveying instrument.
  2. If you have not work with a surveying kit, the surveyor can start with a preowned one to experiment and learn. Once the customer knows how it works, he or she can recognize which are his/her needs and the accuracy required to perform the tasks and opt for a newer if obligated.
  3. Latest technology may not be necessary. Depending on the project, choosing reconditioned equipment is the better option in order to achieve the best execution.
  4. While reusing surveying instruments, we collaborate keeping the environment save since we avoid consuming more energy and saving on raw materials.

Why choosing a used surveying Leica Geosystems equipment?

  • Leica Geosystems products are designed and built to last and perform under all weather conditions including snow and constructions sites. For instance, Wild era theodolites and mechanical tachymeters are an example of a long-lasting life product, being useful until today’s date for surveyors, decades after their launch.
    We can also highlight GPS 530, which has been working for 20 years in emerging countries.
    TPS1100 and TPS1200 total stations have been standardised in Engineering and Civil works for more than 20 years. With innovative software at their launch, we can still find them in complex infrastructure projects and even in construction and tunnel and railroad control.
  • High-reliable items. Leica Geosystems is committed to following the ISO 9001 and 14001 quality certifications to ensure maximum quality in its processes and materials.
  • All used surveying goods are inspected by the technical service to fix possible usage damage before calibrating. In addition, Leica Geosystems has a global coverage of 270 technical service centres in 79 countries where certified technicians calibrate and repair equipment by requesting an appointment.
  • All the equipment from the Certified Pre-Owned Equipment, is sold with new batteries to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. We also provide the Leica Blue Certificate to assure the customer that the instrument passed a standardised calibration process and a 6-month warranty covers both parts and labour.
  • Our sales team offers customised service. They support the customer to select the kit and software that suits the requirements according to his/her experience and/or projects. If demanded, we also offer a training service to help improve the client’s knowledge as well as teaching the basics when buying a surveying kit for the first time.
  • Find the instrument you need, if you cannot find what you are looking for, is not, we will contact you when we receive it.

For more information you can visit our page: Why Leica Geosystems CPEC?

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