Refurbished equipment

How do we recondition your surveying equipment?

At CPEC we have a technical service specialised in repairing, cleaning and update surveying equipment. Discover their daily tasks and find how they work in order to make your acquired instrument look like new.

Our authorized technical service is routinely audited to ensure work and task methodology adheres to all relevant regulations. In addition, the tool will reveal how many hours has the equipment been working and how is the effect on the engine. If the equipment has been checked by any Leica Geosystems laboratory or official Leica dealer, the CPEC is able to know previous reparations.

Components and Inspection

Once we have all the information, the instrument is open, today we are reconditioning a Leica MS50 Total Station and they analise their status and functionality of remarkable components such as the engine, shafts, cameras (ATR, OAC, y OVC) and distanciómetro.

A technical test is carried out before the instrument is sent to the client. Each test considers 74 functionalities, elemnts or measurements for example, motores piezometricos. This is a standard process issued by Leica Geosystems which guarantees that once the client receives the product, this is in best conditions and everything is works.

Updated firmware and customised software

At the CPE we compromise ourselves in offering not only the best quality product but also its performance. At the laboratory they also update your equipment to the latest firmware version which will make your instrument work at its best optimising all its features. Moreover, we customise your equipment with the apps that you are going to use. Tell us which language you prefer, and all the settings will be ready to use once you get the equipment.

Warranty, our guarantee of trust

Each CPE purchase has 6 months warranty. We also provide the Leica Blue Certificate ensures that product has been tested and specifications are met.

The inside matters and does the outside

Your instrument has been tested and cleaned it’s ready to be used. However, we can still improve it’s quality that you just bought. All the accessories are cleaned and supervised so they meet your expectations. Carry box is also tidied and looks as new!

Visit our wide range of products that have gone through our technical and discover how surveying equipment can have a second live.

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New accessories

New accessories

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Last software & firmware

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Original Blue Certificate